Restaurants and bar concepts


Comfort and cosiness

In the restaurant industry, there are high standards for the materials used and the level of hygiene. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are aware of the special requirements of the industry and can develop individual concepts for our clients' premises that meet those high demands and provide comfort for diners.

Along with an appealing atmosphere and good service, the comfort of the seat often determines the diner's feeling of well-being and the amount of time they spend in the restaurant. This depends not only on the chosen upholstery, but also on the depth and height of the seat and the type of manufacture. We have designed seating specially adapted to this requirement that fits in perfectly with the given circumstances and creates a special and individual atmosphere for the premises.

Along with an appealing design and pieces of furniture tailor-made for the spatial circumstances, we are also happy to advise our clients regarding the materials used and the manufacturing options in relation to the durability of the furniture they require.